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Sanders & Sons Appliance Repairs:

"Truly a Family Undertaking" with 35 Years of Experience"

Bill and Bessie Sanders who are the owners of Sanders & Sons Appliance Repairs take great pride in the services they provide. However, they take greater pride in the fact their business is family-owned and operated.

Sanders & Sons Appliance Repairs was born in September of 1982 when Bill Sanders lost his job working at an appliance repair company. Bessie then encouraged Bill to fulfill his life-long dream of being his own boss. Bill had always wanted his own business so, we decided back in 1982 that we would do it.

With about $500 and no savings, the sons handed out flyers from door-to-door and we placed an ad in the local newspaper.

While the older sons continued their education at their local high school, they also took air-conditioning and refrigeration classes. Bill ran the day-to-day operation while Bessie worked as a nurse at nights to undergird the business. Within 6 months the business expanded and Bessie was able to quit her job and work full-time with Bill.

As the sons graduated from high school, they joined their father and today all four sons do air-conditioning and refrigeration repairs while Bill works on appliances. Bessie schedules all the service calls, handles the payroll and keeps up with the books.

One of the neat things about the business is that as it has grown, so have the sons. They started with us and the business grew up with them. Now they are married and their wives and teenage children work part-time during the summer months.

The shop is open Monday through Friday and closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Our motto comes from the biblical precept, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you."

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